A birth doula, or childbirth assistant, offers non-medical, one-to-one care during pregnancy and the birth of your baby. This service makes available the nurturing care and support that traditional obstetrical care isn't always able to provide. A postpartum doula provides care for the family after the baby is born.

A birth doula supports you and your partner by providing the knowledge, comfort, and education necessary for a fulfilling birth experience, using techniques such as:


  • massage

  • breathing techniques and vocalization

  • counterpressure

  • visualization/ meditation

  • relaxation

  • education and advocacy

  • breastfeeding support


This doula support allows the laboring woman's partner a greater sense of relaxation, and therefore an increased ability to care for the mother-to-be on an emotional level.  Clinical studies show the benefits of working with a birth doula include:


  • 50% reduction in cesarean rates

  • 25% reduction in the length of labor

  • 60% reduction in the rate of epidural use

  • 40% reduction in the need for forceps

  • higher breastfeeding rates


Other benefits include:


  • higher levels of confidence in partners as coaches

  • increased maternal sense of satisfaction in the birth

  • overall sense of well-being following delivery

  • easier transition into parenthood